Going Green For Spring

Fashion Writer

Emerald, mint, chartreuse and kelly. What do these have in common? No, they’re not just colors in a Crayola box. They are parts of the new color for a new season. Green! These aren’t just any greens either; they are the richest jewel tones or the lightest of ocean greens. Not only are we getting to wear the most vibrant colors available this spring, but they are also being combined with the most luxurious textiles such as silks, satins, lace & tulle.

Even better is what can be done with fabrics these days. We can buy a shirt that feels and looks like silk but is actually made of polyester. Not only does the polyester feel like silk, it is much less expensive.

Other shiny things to look for this season come from metallics, with items ranging from handbags to ballet flats in hues of silver, bronze and especially gold. Think Greek goddess…Cleopatra and Helen of Troy adorned with gold and banded, belted and braided galore!

Always remember your goal is to add color and hot new accessories to your already classic pieces to bring you into a new season. We want to stay classic but with a trendy edge since fashion is moving back to the classics. Of course, there will always be a new must-have piece. The key to smart buying is to decide if a trend has staying power. If you don‘t see a trend staying around for at least two seasons, you might want to forego it for the next hot thing. When in question consult a fashion stylist; the visit will save you time and money in the long run.

As for finding your look this spring season, it’s safe to splurge on that satin emerald blouse with the rhinestone buttons along with the metallic bronze wedge shoes and gold charm bracelet. So go ahead and go green for spring, and as I always say, looking good is feeling even better!

The writer, Kim Abdo, is a fashion stylist. She and the items pictured on this page can be found at her Brookside store, Isabellas, located at 1311 E. 35th St. The telephone number is 744-9100.

Updated 02-25-2005

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