Google SEO Company to Publish SEO eBook

PR Log – Feb 27, 2010 – BOULDER, CO — Scheduled for availability March 1, Google company Master Google is releasing an eBook packed with knowledge about search engine optimization () and climbing the rankings of organic search results pages of the world’s dominant search engine: Google.

Previously kept under close wraps by the company, Master Google is sharing its deep knowledge of Google for anyone interested. The eBook, written in the most basic terms possible, isn’t just for other professionals to read up on Master Google’s proven organic strategies, but for the general public as well.

“Without a proper guide or resource, you could easily wind up using bad tactics for Web site optimization,” says Master Google President Ali Husayni. “So, when it comes to , optimization of one’s own tactics is essential. From beginners to experts, this eBook is a must-have resource for anybody interested in bettering their site’s presence in Google.”

Master Google’s eBook ( will include chapters on discovering if this eBook will be beneficial for you, analyzing your keywords, optimizations, optimization pitfalls, producing links for your site (inbound links), link building traps, and more.

“This is an exciting project for Master Google and a great experiment for as a whole,” exclaims Husayni. “We’re bringing highly valued techniques to the general public. So, the eBook can potentially be much more than an tool. It could also be a measuring stick to gauge how interested general public is.”

The Google company ( is providing free previews of its eBook, so check the company’s Web site: for details. Also, after measuring the success of their eBook, Master Google is considering developing online training and seminars for people interested in becoming Google experts.

For more information on Master Google’s tactics and service programs, as well as information on the eBook, visit:

“It’s an exciting time at Master Google,” says Husayni. “We’re throwing caution to the wind, trying new programs and expanding our business in ways that other companies just aren’t thinking about. The eBook is a small taste of all the new things we’re doing and we’re already seeing some shakeups in the industry as a result of our ingenuity.”

Updated 02-27-2010

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