Graduates See Growth During Bixby Tenure

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STANDING TALL: Dewayne Patterson, director of student activities, pauses to discuss the changes that have occurred over the last four years at Bixby High School.


Bixby High School seniors are finalizing plans to take a step forward while looking back on the memories that they have made while attending the school. From their very first day of class to their last, seniors have experienced a number of positive changes that the school has undergone.

Bixby is one of the fastest growing school districts in Oklahoma. With an increase in both students and faculty, an array of new ideas has been brought to the school. “I believe that these new ideas have been balanced well with old traditions. If we become complacent, then students will get bored,” says Director of Student Activities Dewayne Patterson.

“The student activities that were held this year have created a sense of community between the faculty and students. I think that it is very important to form a team between everyone at Bixby High School.”

Students have worked hard to increase the reach and impact that the organizations have on the community. This year, the Interact Club was formed. “Rotary has agreed to sponsor the organization, which focuses on community service. Participating students have the opportunity to partake in regional, state, national and even international projects through the organization.”

S.P.U.D. Week was also pioneered this year and has proved to be a great success. Standing for Spartans Performing Unselfish Deeds, the week was comprised of a variety of fun activities including a dodge ball tournament, talent show and dance. “The event was very meaningful because it raised funds for the Make a Wish Foundation. The goal was to raise $7,000 to grant a wish for one child faced with a terminal illness. Our goal was exceeded, which was very exciting for everyone.”

One of the most anticipated senior events this year is Grad Night. Immediately following graduation, students return to Bixby High School where they are locked in until morning. “This is the last time that the students are together in the school. It is a very fun yet emotional event for seniors.”

Along with growth and emerging organizations, Bixby High School has also changed in structural appearance. Home of the Spartans, a new sports complex at the end of the football field was recently completed. The building that once housed the training and locker rooms will be converted into a new conference center.

A new science building that was completed last year has already become an important part of Bixby academics. Featured in the building are numerous labs and classrooms that cater towards different areas of science.

With all of the changes that current seniors have experienced at Bixby High School, the biggest change of all will be the empty place that is left behind once they are gone. “Change is not always easy. This class has acclimated to new ideas and yet has kept the spirit of tradition. I could not be more pleased with and wish that I could have another year with them.”

Patterson continues, “They have truly moved mountains and have laid the foundation for the future of Bixby High School’s academics, spirit, activities and expectations. For that, this class will always be special.”

Updated 06-07-2010

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