Grants Awarded to Tulsa Parks

Three federal grants totaling more than $1.6 million have been approved by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation () for improvements to the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park and for two Tulsa trails.

The local funding for the projects includes City funds from the 2006 Third Penny sales tax. The Tulsa Community Foundation is also providing a portion of the local funding for the Midland Valley Trail improvements.

“We are pleased to get these federal funds which will enhance the completion of the long-awaited John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park and will greatly improve two trails that Tulsans can utilize for exercise and pleasure,” says Mayor Kathy Taylor. “Our ever-growing trail system promotes healthy lifestyles and allows citizens to employ alternative, pollution-free forms of transportation.”

“On behalf of the City, we would like to thank both the Indian Nations Council of Governments and for their assistance in getting these grants,” adds Taylor.
The enhancements at John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park create linkage between the park and surrounding areas. The project includes lighting, parking, sidewalks, signage and landscaping and will improve pedestrian access.

The first Master Plan in 30 years for the 100-year-old Tulsa Park system has been created and will continue to bring improvements to area parks.

Updated 07-21-2009

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