Green Business Bureau Announces 2010 Earth Day Sweepstakes for Small Businesses

HOUSTON, TX  – In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the Green Business Bureau (GBB) announced that it will host a sweepstakes with over $1,000 in prizes for small and medium businesses (SMBs) looking to “go green”.   

“As the leading green business certification entity, it is our mission and responsibility to educate businesses on ways they can help protect the environment,” Marcos Cordero, GBB’s co-founder and CEO.  “We’re excited that our sweepstakes will not only help increase awareness of the need for sustainable office practices but will bring attention to the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.” 

The GBB 2010 Earth Day Sweepstakes will run the entire month of April, with entries accepted online at  SMBs representing most industries with 100 or fewer employees are eligible to enter.  The winner will receive $200 in eco-friendly office products, including EcoStrip 2.0 USB power strips, which help businesses save up to $100 per year by eliminating phantom power draw; a Brita On Tap water filtration system that can replace 750 standard water bottles annually; non-toxic cleaning supplies; and 80% “tree free” sugar paper derived from sugar cane fibers. 

The Sweepstakes winner will also receive free membership and access to the GBB’s leading online sustainability platform.  Membership in the GBB offers businesses a tool that is easy to use and provides a clear plan to becoming more environmentally efficient.  Members also enjoy the advantages that come with a “green” identity in today’s market.  According to Cordero, as businesses implement initiatives, they not only save on material and energy costs, but realize marketing benefits offered by their certification, boosting their bottom lines. 

The winner of the GBB 2010 Earth Day Sweepstakes will realize an immediate economic benefit to going green.  The value of the eco-friendly office products, their approximate yearly energy and materials savings and the free membership in the GBB is well over $1,000.  In addition, membership in the GBB can help grow a business through new marketing channels. “It’s been very clear that more and more customers are looking to work with green businesses,” Cordero says.  “In today’s green economy, you have a competitive advantage if you have green practices in place and for businesses that have been thinking about it, this gives them a chance to go green – for free!” 

“Last, but not by far the least, it’s the right thing to do for the environment,” Cordero states. 

Rules and registration for the GBB 2010 Earth Day Sweepstakes can be accessed at

Updated 04-06-2010

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