Green Computing Project Underway at All City Facilities

TULSA, Okla. – In an effort to save energy and money the City of Tulsa has begun a Green Computing Project to reduce power consumption by computers in City facilities.

The project is an initiative of the City of Tulsa Sustainability Department and is being facilitated by the City’s IT Department.

The Sustainability Department, created by Mayor Dewey Bartlett in March 2010, is tasked with finding ways that the City of Tulsa can be more energy efficient and spend less on energy.

“Since my first month in office I have made it a priority to establish the best and most innovative energy efficient practices and programs across all city departments,” Mayor Bartlett said. “Given these financial times, this Green Computing Project is a perfect example of ways to conserve energy and save money for the citizens. This is also a good example of the many initiatives yet to come that will modernize the operations of our city.”

Brett Fidler, Director of the City of Tulsa’s Office of Sustainability, explained that over the last several months, a new software program has been installed on City staff computers. The program turns off all computers at 6 p.m. each day and reports power consumption for the previous hours. In addition, all computer monitors are set to go into power-savings mode if left idle for 15 minutes during the work day. The projected annual savings is $123,000 per year.

Critical services needing computer access after regular working areas or on the weekends are offered an exception to participation.

As of this week, all City of Tulsa office PCs have the software installed and are utilizing the Green Computer program.

Updated 10-12-2010

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