Hall Estill Weighs In On Battle of the Bulge

The challenge has gone out at Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, P.C., attorneys at law. The time has come to lose. Weight that is, and the decree has come from the Executive Committee (EC) headed by President Michael Cooke.

“We’ve initiated a comprehensive wellness program throughout the firm, and the weight loss challenge is a big part of it. We’re having a lot of fun with it, but our ultimate goal is to encourage all employees to live healthier lifestyles. The EC is leading by example by forming its own weight loss team and challenging the rest of the firm to compete.”

At the beginning of the challenge, July 1, 2007, a total of 114 employees weighing a combined total of 22,686 pounds accepted the challenge to initially lose 10 percent of their body weight. If all are successful, the firm will collectively shed 2,268 pounds and that is just the beginning.

To encourage further weight loss beyond the initial 10 percent, the firm is offering cash awards as incentives. Employees who lose the initial 10 percent of body weight receive $10 for each percentage point lost and $20 for each percentage point lost after that. For example, if an employee’s initial weight is 200 pounds and he/she loses 30 pounds, the total loss would be 15 percent of beginning body weight. The employee would be paid $100 for the first 10 percent and $20 for each additional percentage for a total of $200.

Participants can compete as individuals or on a team. Teams are formed to enter the “Team Challenge” portion of the program. Each is registered with an official weigh in after selecting a name and electing a captain, which then determines the collective weight of the team. Every week each team name and their percentage lost will be posted in an internal e-mail showing their success against the EC team. Some of the team names are Tipping the Scales of Justice, Ex Post Fatso, and Labor Pains. For a kicker, if a team outscores the EC team, each member will receive an additional $100 to be added to their reward for individual percentage of weight lost.

In addition, participants will receive a reimbursement allowance by the firm for health club memberships.

Finally, in order to encourage employees to keep the weight off, participants may also weigh in again on July 1, 2008. If the employee has not gained any of their lost weight, they will receive the same amount as the reward they received in January. If they have lost more weight, they will receive a new weight loss reward on the same basis as before, but with the January 1, 2008, weight being used.

The Hall Estill EC is very pleased with the response to the firm’s health initiative. “There is much to be gained from this effort for Hall Estill, including a healthier work climate, less absenteeism, better work performance plus the added prospect of helping control rising health care costs. And the nicest thing about it is the bigger the loser the bigger the winner.”

Founded in 1929, Hall Estill is one of Oklahoma’s largest law firms with more than 100 attorneys practicing in 13 legal sections and over 75 practice areas in Tulsa, Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City and Northwest Arkansas. For
more information go to www.hallestill.com.

Updated 07-21-2007

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