Halloween Festival Takes a Spin at Muskogee Castle

For the thrill seekers of Castleton, the Castle is proud to introduce Casa Morte’s Murder Castle.

Guests will travel back to the 1893 World Exposition of Chicago to meet the infamous H.H. Holmes. Accredited with building a hotel that claimed the lives of nearly 300 victims, Holmes’ holds the title of America’s First Serial Killer. Guests will check in with the bellhops and leave their fate to the staff of the sinister hotel. This haunt is rated for advanced level scares while remaining below the extreme haunt scale.

Domus Horrificus has also upgraded its shell with a new skin… The Horror Film themed haunt has new residents.

Slender Man has made a home within the walls of Horrificus. With the familiar terror of the Purge, guests may have no other option but to escape through ventilation shafts and crawl spaces. There are dark halls and tight spaces in this cinematic nightmare haunt. We recommend this trip for anyone seeking out their favorite villains and vixens.

The allstars are there, but they now have additional friends. Haunters beware of this terrifying 5 haunt.

Perhaps the most infamous of the Halloween Festival is the Trail of Blood. Hearts race once guests realize they have suddenly been abandoned in the backwoods of the Castle. There are multiple routes on the trail and groups have certainly been known to lose one another. Fans of this haunt may also enjoy the excitement provided during the Dark Tower Zombie Hunt, where you are issued a weapon and tasked with a mission to clear the area of Zombies.

Guests are encouraged to use the Castle’s Skull Rating as a guide when choosing haunts. For example, at skulls, the Haunted Hayride provides eerie excitement without the residual nightmares. Within the Castle walls, guests can step up to by daring a stroll through Casa Morte or with Domus Horrificus. With a scale from 0 to 5, over 11 events, there is have something to entertain everyone.

The Castle of Muskogee Halloween Festival runs every Friday and Saturday through Oct. 27. Parking and admission is free. Tickets must be purchased for each attraction and prices range from $3 to $15. Advanced tickets may be purchased on-line. Go to okcastle.com to check out pricing. Unaccompanied minors (Under 18) must have a photo ID to enter. Minors (under 16) must be in attendance with a responsible adult at all times.

The Castle of Muskogee is located at 3400 W. Fern Mountain Rd, in Muskogee. For more information, visit okcastle.com.

Updated 10-16-2018

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