Harmony Bridge Renovation Enters Phase II

Beloved Landmark
Expected to Reopen
Next Summer

Work is underway to complete the renovation of one of Bixby’s most endearing landmarks. 
The history of Harmony Bridge dates back to 1939 when it was first constructed as a passageway into the city, carrying traffic on Memorial Drive (US-64) until the 1990’s. 
In Phase I of the facelift, workers washed the bridge, applied fresh paint and replaced fencing. Now, the focus is on installing new decking, seating, awnings and lighting.  
The structure is closed until this work is completed next summer. 
According to a post on the city website, Harmony Bridge is much more than a connection from north to south. The site says, “to some the bridge signifies a monumental moment in their life, engagement, senior photos, a kiss, ‘locking in love’ with a love lock, amazing sunsets, training for marathons or even watching the river rise during historical flooding.” 
When completed, it will once again be a focal point of the gateway into one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing communities that has soared past the 27,500 population plateau while earning the distinction of being selected as one of the nation’s Top 100 Best Places to Live by CNN Money.com.

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