Healthcare Jobs: How to Find Hidden Jobs In Health Care

PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 16, 2010 – Healthcare jobs are in demand in this tough economy as well as in a booming economy. Many jobs in health care pay very well. Due to the aging population and the unhealthy lifestyle of many Americans, health care job opportunities are always increasing. 

Unlike other jobs, working in health care can offer some job security. Most people will get sick at some point in their life and they will always try to get treated regardless of their financial situation. Unlike other industries that often have to lay off their workers, healthcare companies often have a shortage of health care employees. 

What is the best way to find a job in health care? 

Instead of applying for jobs with hundreds or thousands of competition, it’s smarter for job seekers to look for hidden jobs in healthcare. 

The hidden job market in health care is much larger than the advertised job market. Most job seekers do not know about these healthcare positions; so, few people apply for them. 

A whopping 80% of all jobs are filled without employer advertising. This is why many healthcare positions are hidden from most job seekers. Instead of advertising available jobs, many hospitals and health care companies work with recruiters. In addition, they post their job openings internally; so, their own employees can apply for a promotion or do a lateral transfer into a job they prefer. 

The best way for job seekers to find hidden jobs in health care is through networking with nurses, therapists, doctors, executives and employees working for hospitals or healthcare companies. 

If you’re feeling gutsy, you can do some “networking” onsite. Visit a hospital or healthcare company in your area and talk to some nurses, therapists and other health care employees; you can try to get some information about any available jobs or soon-to-be-available jobs that they know about. You can also try to get some advice about getting hired for their company. 

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Updated 02-16-2010

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