Hero Receives Award

HERO FACTOR: Tulsa Police Department Chief Ron Palmer presented the TPD Citizen Appreciation Award to Craig Stutzman in recognition of his outstanding bravery.

The award was presented at the American Airlines Maintenance Base, 3600 N. Mingo Rd. Sept. 24. Stutzman received the award for risking his welfare in order to save other citizens from a gun wielding armed robber.

The incident occurred at Food Pyramid, 7990 E. 51st St. Stutzman, an AMT on Dock 5A at American Airlines Maintenance Base, left work to pick up some groceries not knowing that he would soon face a life changing situation. The masked gunman rushed into the store when Stutzman was checking out and started making demands of the store manager and trying to move customers to the northeast side of the store. Stutzman noticed that his gun was jammed. That was the moment he made his move. He sustained several injuries from wrestling the robber. He says it could have been anyone that had done the same thing but the message is: People like to see the good guy win.

Updated 10-21-2008

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