Homicides Continue in Tulsa as Police Deal with Budget Woes

Amid the worst crisis in Tulsa Police history, officers continue to respond and investigate crimes within the City of Tulsa. In the last 24 hours, homicide detectives have solved two separate homicides and will forward reports to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. Below is a synopsis of the city’s most recent cases. Detectives have solved 100% of their cases for the year.

Homicide #5

On January 22, 2010 Marion Rowe (B/M 101864) was shot and killed at 6912 E. 5th St. The victim became involved in an argument with suspect. The suspect is identified as Joey Mike (B/M 060387). During the course of the argument, the victim obtained a large kitchen knife and threatened the suspect. The suspect retrieved a handgun and shot the victim. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect and witnesses to this homicide were interviewed and released pending further investigation. The witnesses indicated that the suspect may have acted in self-defense. Upon completion the investigation will be forwarded to the Tulsa County District Attorney for a decision on any applicable charges.

Victim: Marion Rowe, B/M, 10-18-64

Suspect: Joey Mike, B/M, 06-03-87

Homicide #6
On Friday, Jan. 22nd, 2010 at approximately 2029 hours, Tulsa Police officers were radio assigned to a shooting that occurred at the Slo Ride Bar located at 4133 S. Peoria Ave. Upon arrival, officers discovered victim Christopher Conrad suffering a single gunshot wound to the upper torso. responded and pronounced Mr. Conrad deceased at the scene. Investigation revealed that Daniel Kitchens had shot the victim with a .38 caliber revolver.

Through interviews, detectives learned that Daniel Kicthens was driving his motorcycle to the Slo Ride Bar being followed by a pick-up truck driven by Christopher Conrad. Christopher Conrad and his passenger, Chester Shadwick, were yelling derogatory statements about Harley Davidson motorcycles and “wanna be bikers” to Mr. Kitchens as they followed. Mr. Kitchens turned down a side street to avoid the harassment and then continued on to the Slo Ride Bar. Upon arriving and parking his motorcycle, Mr. Kitchens observed the aforementioned pick-up truck pull along the curb in front of the bar. Christopher Conrad and Chester Shadwick exited the truck and ultimately assaulted Mr. Kitchens. Mr. Kitchens, who has a valid permit, obtained his handgun and shot Christopher Conrad as the assault occurred. Mr. Kitchens suffered a laceration to the mouth as a result of the assault.

Chester Shadwick was found to be in an extreme state of intoxication. He was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on a complaint of public intoxication. Mr. Kitchens was released and the case, upon completion, will be forwarded to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office for final disposition.

Victim: Christopher Conrad, white male, 2/18/1976

Suspect: Daniel Kitchens, white male, 11/6/1961

Updated 01-23-2010

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