How to Identify Official Census Takers Conducting Door-to-Door Enumerations

Kansas City – The U.S. Census Bureau wants the public to know how to identify official Census takers currently conducting door-to-door, complete count follow-up operations as part of the 2010 Census. 

Complete count follow up operations will only be conducted by official Census takers. If the public has any questions about Census operations in their neighborhood, they may call the Kansas City Regional Census Center at (816) 994-2000.  Here are some tips on how to identify an official Census taker.

An official 2010 Census Taker:
  • Must present an ID Badge with the U.S. Department of Commerce logo, their name and expiration date. Census takers will also provide a driver’s license or photo identification, if asked.
  • May also be carrying a black canvass bag with a U.S. Department of Commerce logo.
  • Will provide their supervisor’s contact information and/or the local census office phone number for verification, if asked.
  • Will only ask questions appearing on the official 2010 Census form. 
An official 2010 Census Taker will:
  • NOT ask to come into a resident’s home.
  • NOT ask for social security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers.
  • NOT ask any information about your taxes or income. 
  • NOT solicit donations or contact you by e-mail.
Census answers are confidential and protected by federal law. All U.S. Census Bureau employees have taken an oath and are subject to 5 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine if they disclose any information that could identify you or your household. Answers will only be used for statistical purposes. The 2010 Census asks for your name, gender, age/date of birth, phone number, Hispanic origin, race, relationship, whether the home is owned or rented and how many people live in the home.  

The 2010 Census is an actual count of everyone living in the United States and it is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Census data is used to allocate congressional seats to the states and to distribute more than $400 billion in federal funds to tribal, state and local governments each year.

“Door-to-Door Census Taking” gallery (AKA “Meet Your Neighborhood Census Taker”),n20
2010 Census Taker Media Assets
Below is a collection of links to short videos, plus broadcast B-Roll and stock shots. Please provide links to reporters, regional partners and others who can help spread the word about how to recognize an official 2010 Census taker.
Short Videos:
“How to Recognize A Census Taker” and “¿Cómo reconozco un empleado del Censo?”
“Door-to-Door Census Taking” gallery (AKA “Meet Your Neighborhood Census Taker”)
“Meet Your Census Taker” Youtube playlist
PSA’s: Door-to-Door (English and Spanish)
Downloadable B-Roll (broadcast- and web-ready)
“Census Operational B-Roll”
Publish- and web-ready photos (high res)
Frequently Asked Questions About 2010 Census Door-to-Door Enumeration
1.Q.     How to identify an official Census taker?
1.A.      An official Census taker will have an official ID badge with their name, expiration date and the U.S. Department of Commerce logo on it. They will have a “Your Answers Are Confidential Information Sheet” (Form D-1 (F); may be carrying a black canvass bag with the U.S. Department of Commerce logo; and they will provide their supervisor’s contact information or the number to the Local Census Office for verification, if asked. Census takers will also have a Language ID Flashcard with 35 languages.
2. Q.    Will a census taker ask to come inside someone’s home?
2. A.     No.
3.Q.     Will a Census taker ask for my Social Security number or bank information?
3.A.      No, a Census taker will not ask for Social Security numbers or for bank information.
4.Q.     If a resident sent in their Census questionnaire, can they still receive a visit from a Census taker or a phone call from the U.S. Census Bureau?
4.A.      Yes, if a resident’s questionnaire was received by the Census Bureau after the deadline for Complete Count Door-to-Door Follow Up, they will likely be visited by a Census taker during Door-to-Door Enumeration. The Census Bureau also conducts quality control as a part of the 2010 Census so a resident could be contacted during quality control operations. The Census Bureau asks for the public’s cooperation during these operations.
5.Q.     What does a Census taker do if there is no one at home?
5.A.      A Census taker will leave a Notice of Visit (Form D-26), with their name and phone number or the phone number to the Local Census Office. This way the resident can contact the census taker or the Local Census Office to arrange a convenient time to be interviewed.
6.Q.     How many times will a Census taker visit a house?
6.A.      A Census taker will make at least three visits at different times of the day in an effort to interview a resident of the home. 
7.Q.     What does a Census taker do if he or she cannot speak to someone at the home after several attempts?
7.A.      A Census taker will try to locate a person with knowledge about the house and its occupants such as a neighbor, a landlord or a property manager in order to get as much information as possible to complete the Census questionnaire.

Updated 05-24-2010

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