How to Organize & Consolidate

I am often asked about another one of the services I offer as a fashion stylist: closet organization & consolidation. This service is done on an hourly basis and can save you time, energy and money. All things most of us never have enough of. This is an in-home service in which I help you achieve not only the obvious but also help you assemble outfits and let you know what you need to update your wardrobe. Sometimes a fresh eye is all that is needed in order to infuse creativity and new life into your wardrobe and your current style. If your budget does not allow you the luxury of personal styling just follow the steps below for a do-it-yourself consolidation and organization.

Closet cleaning and organization should be done at least twice a year, at the beginning of the spring and summer seasons and the fall & winter seasons. Now is the perfect time to consolidate your spring and summer items and organize your fall and winter ones.

Hopefully you already have your closet separated into two categories (or you have two closets): spring/summer and fall/winter. If not, you need to start there. Depending on how extensive your wardrobe is you can divide this process into steps. The purchase of a rolling rack can help facilitate this process and make the transfer much easier. As you change your closet over, start a charity or consignment pile. Whether you’re feeling charitable, need the tax write-off or want to make money for new items for your wardrobe, either of the choices are beneficial. If you didn’t wear it last season, it doesn’t fit and you can’t alter it, get rid of it. This includes skinny and fat clothes and anything with the tags still attached. Resist the temptation to think that you will wear something you didn’t wear last season, or to keep an item that will “come back around.” If you wore it the first time around you probably shouldn’t be wearing it the second, unless it’s an accessory.

Next separate tops, pants, denim, etc. Group together like items and color coordinate. If you have two of any item especially in the same color then you probably have not learned to buy quality instead of quantity. It’s a sure bet you’ll reach for the quality item every time. For shoes try back of the door shoes bags. Keep your boxes for storing and preserving in a separate closet or even in the garage. For accessories use hanging jewelry or toiletry bags with individual pouches. Try to be imaginative when choosing your outfits add the latest accessories, shoes and handbags to stay trend worthy. It’s okay to mix different colors, textures and fabrics together to create a unique look that is all your own. For more information or to schedule an appointment for closet cleaning and organization, contact Kim Abdo, fashion stylist at (918) 744-9100.

Updated 11-22-2005

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