Hummingbird Tradition

QUALITY ELECTRICIANS: Hummingbird Electric, Inc. was established in 1999 by Gary Williams, right in the photo, who chose the name in remembrance of his Native American grandfather. Williams has worked as an electrician for 24 years in Tulsa and the surrounding area. With him are, from left, Cody Johnson, Wesley Rapp, and his wife, Jenell Williams. Hummingbird Electric, Inc. strives to meet all electrical needs, which include residential, commercial, new construction and renovations. The company also specializes in repairs and service work for homes and businesses. Hummingbird Electric, Inc. credits its growing client list to a strong belief in workmanship and quality of work, which, Williams says, “is why our work stands out above others—we stand behind our word and our work.???As with many companies, much of the business is by word of mouth from clients’ friends and families. Williams says, “I want to thank everyone we’ve worked for. We have met a lot of good people who just aren’t clients, but friends.???

Updated 01-14-2005

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