Huntington Celebrates 30 Years

Huntington Learning Center, founded in 1977, is celebrate its 30th anniversary June 9 as the nation’s first and longest-running supplemental education services provider and as a pioneer and leader in the franchise learning center arena.

Huntington provides instruction in reading, writing, spelling, phonics, mathematics and study skills as well as SAT and ACT preparation to tens of thousands of students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Huntington has the experience in perfecting its programs, which specialize in helping parents, caregivers and educators identify the gaps in skills that can limit learning potential, and in providing a personalized program of instruction to enable children to excel.

“I’m an educator first and businessperson second, but my instincts told me there was a need for supplemental education in today’s world,” says Eileen Huntington. “There were just too many students who weren’t meeting their potential, and we believed that with a personalized program, they could learn.”

Eileen, along with her husband, Raymond J. Huntington, began Huntington Learning Centers, Inc. with a mission: “To give every student the best education possible.” This had become and remains the company’s mission statement. Huntington Learning Centers are now operating in 41 states including the District of Columbia with more than 300 centers nationwide.

Huntington prides itself on offering individualized programs based on diagnostic evaluation designed to tackle the personal academic challenges faced by each student. This individualized strategy is also true of Huntington’s specialized SAT and ACT test prep which is unlike any other program offered in the industry. The growth and success of Huntington has much to do with their unique programs, but the programs go hand-in-hand with trained and certified, dedicated teachers.

“Students who participate in Huntington Learning Center’s programs become more confident in their abilities and more motivated to strive for long term academic achievements,” says Bryan Osborne, executive director of Huntington Learning Center in Tulsa located at 7116 S. Mingo Rd. For more information, contact the Huntington Learning Center at (918) 252-1200.

Updated 06-26-2007

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