Huntington Learning Center Celebrates Math

During the month of April, Huntington Learning Center, along with colleges and universities, student groups, and other related associations and groups across the nation, are supporting and celebrating Mathematics Awareness Month. The program began in 1986 and aims to increase public understanding and appreciation for mathematics as a field of study.

Mathematics Awareness Month is promoted each year by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, which includes the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America and the Society for Industrial Applied Mathematics.

“Math and mathematicians play a crucial role in the progress of our country,” said J. Bryan Osborne, executive director of the Huntington Learning Center in Tulsa. “By supporting Mathematics Awareness Month, Huntington hopes to encourage students across the country to study and enjoy math, which is essential in many fields, including medicine, computer science, space exploration, business and defense.”

The theme of the 2009 Mathematics Awareness Month is “Mathematics and Climate,” which Osborne said could not be timelier. “With global warming, alternative energy, climate change and a host of other environmental issues on everyone’s minds today, it is more important than ever that educators and parents encourage our youth to understand how these world problems can be addressed and solved by math and science.”

To learn more about Mathematics Awareness Month, visit For more information about the Tulsa Huntington Learning Center, contact J. Bryan Osborne at (918) 252-1200.

Updated 04-20-2009

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