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There are three sure signs that it is springtime in Tulsa: the days are getting longer, the weather is turning warmer and for school kids, end-of-the-year report cards are being sent home. If report cards mean storm clouds at home, what should parents do?

Mediocre or poor grades can result from a variety of problems. Huntington Learning center offers the following suggestions for what to do when a child brings home a poor report card:
Examine the situation realistically. It is important to remember that every drop in grades indicates that valuable skills are being missed. An effort should be made to learn and reinforce those missing skills. While this is being done, it is also important to identify and remedy the basic problem, so it does not continue to hurt the child’s education.

What is the real problem? If there a behavior problem? Sometimes bright students get bad grades for behavior-related activities. Does the student hand in homework? Is it correct and on time? If the child bored with school work and not paying enough attention? These are not excuses; they are symptoms of different problems. Parents must identify the problem before it can be remedied.

Talk with the child. Why does the child think he or she got poor grades? Let the child know that he/she has supportive parents who believe in his/her abilities.

Talk with the child’s teacher or counselor. The teacher or counselor is a professional educator. What are his/her observations? What does he/she recommend?

“It is important to remember that the difficulty that caused these poor grades may be a serious problem,” says Osbourne. “Your child may have missed one or more important basic skills. It is vital that you get help for your child as soon as possible, before the problem gets worse.”

Parents who want additional information or who wish to discuss a specific problem can call the Huntington Learning Center, 7116 S. Mingo Rd. Ste. 105, at (918) 252-1200.

Updated 04-22-2008

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