Huntington Setting Oklahoma EOI Standards

TULSA EDUCATORS: J. Bryan Osbourne, operator of Huntington Learning Center, and Kristin Graves, center director, are setting standards for success. The pair were recently invited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to participate in the Standard Setting Committee for the state’s End-of-Instruction tests.

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Setting the standard for success and helping students in Green Country to achieve academically is all in a day’s work for the staff at the Huntington Learning Center, but the chance to help set standards for all of Oklahoma’s kids was a special opportunity.

J. Bryan Osborne, the executive director of Tulsa’s Huntington Learning Center, and Kristin Graves, center director, were invited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to participate in the Standard Setting Committee for Oklahoma’s End-of-Instruction tests.

“It was an honor to be selected for such an important event,” says Osborne. “The opportunity to be a part of ensuring the future success of Oklahoma students is very near and dear to our hearts.”

Osborne and his wife Sabrina opened Oklahoma’s first Huntington Learning Center in October 2003.

Led by Pearson Education, the standard setting process entails reviewing End-of-Instruction Tests to determine what information students would be required to know in order to be designated as having limited, proficient and advanced levels of knowledge. While the main focus of the process involves determining the content knowledge necessary to determine these designations, the level of difficulty of the test questions also plays an important role.

“Not all questions are created equally,” says Osborne. “We had to consider how difficult the question was to answer, whether it would take multiple steps or more than one concept to answer successfully, as well as consider if it could be answered with more than one approach.”

“It was wonderful to be part of this process since setting appropriate standards for Oklahoma’s EOIs is an important first step in preparing our children for the challenges of the 21st century,” says Graves.

As center director, she oversees the day-to-day operation of the learning center, from designing individualized student programs, to monitoring student progress in those programs, to meeting with parents and teachers to ensure that Huntington’s mission “to provide every student the best education possible” is fulfilled.

“I truly believe there are few things more important than supporting kids in their efforts to achieve academically. Every day I get to see students reach levels of success they never thought possible,” Graves says.

Founded in 1977 by Dr. Raymond and Eileen Huntington, Huntington Learning Center is the oldest provider of supplemental education services to children in the United States. Each year thousands of children reap the benefits of better grades and higher performance in school because of the individualized instruction provided by Huntington Learning facilities. Huntington’s specialized programs focus on personalized tutoring services in reading, writing, math and study skills for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as ACT, PSAT and SAT test preparation for the college bound, the company’s formula for success is evident with over 400 centers nationwide.

For more information about Huntington, call (918) 252-1200. Huntington is located at 7116 S. Mingo Rd. Ste. 105.

Updated 08-12-2008

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