International Evangelist Speaks at Rotary Meeting

PASTOR OF PASTORS: Dr. LaDonna Osborn with husband and Rotarian Cory Nickerson. Osborn was affirmed and ordained Bishop (pastor of pastors) by the college of bishops of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches.

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Dr. LaDonna Osborn, founder of the International Gospel Center Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, was the guest speaker at a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Tulsa. Cory Nickerson, Osborn’s husband, was Rotarian of the Day.

Dr. Osborn’s heritage is unique and her viewpoint of the world scene is exceptional.

The daughter of world evangelists T.L. and Daisy Osborn, Dr. Osborn was raised on the platforms of world evangelism in more than 80 nations. She grew up knowing that home was wherever her family was. She spent nine months a year with her parents on the foreign mission field and the United States was more a foreign country to her than the marketplaces of the world. She has been involved in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with both women and men of nations and cultures throughout the world both with her parents and in her own ministry.

Dr. Osborn’s articulate expression and demonstration of the Gospel, from a broad worldview, teaches faith in Christ and energizes action in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation. She sets a positive and inspiring example for both women and men in all areas of church ministry and Christian leadership.

Through her balanced and Christ-centered leadership, hundreds of men and women have realized their place in the Kingdom of God and are busy in effective gospel ministry.

In addition to being founder of the International Gospel Center Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, Dr. Osborn is vice president and CEO of Osborn International founded by her parents in 1949. She is the founder and president of Women’s International Network (WIN), which encourages, educates and equips women for Christian ministry. Her national and international travel and ministry schedule includes Osborn Gospel Training Seminars, Mass Miracle Evangelism Crusades, Pastors’ and Leadership Conferences, Women’s and Missions Conferences and Bible School and Seminary lectures. Her Bible and teaching courses, books and audio/video materials are distributed globally.

Nickerson is finance manager for Osborn International and has directed the Rotary Men of Note, the Rotary’s men’s chorus, for 11 years. Nickerson is also co-chair for the Rotary Club of Tulsa’s Crescendo Music Awards, which will hold the 2005 competition and concert Mar. 17–19 where high school and college students will compete for a share of $27,000.

Updated 02-25-2005

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