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ISHI WOMEN: Ishi Woman representatives joined owner Susan Yoon and her husband Marcelo Yoon at the store’s Gala Opening May 5. Ishi Woman, which means ‘godly’ woman, is located in The Plaza shopping center at 81st Street and Lewis Avenue.

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Quick! Name the fashion capitals of the world: Paris. London. Milan. Tokyo. Miami. Tulsa?

Okay, so maybe Tulsa isn’t a fashion capital just yet, but with the opening of Susan Yoon’s boutique Ishi Woman, this quiet and reserved Midwest city just took a huge step toward becoming fashion forward.

Yoon’s store is a hidden gem of fashion finds quietly tucked away in The Plaza shopping center at 81st Street and Lewis Avenue. A fashion veteran, Yoon was surrounded by the family business of sportswear design while growing up and worked in the industry for years in Los Angeles. Her husband’s desire to become a pastor brought the couple to Tulsa where he attended Oral Roberts University. At first, Yoon found herself missing the west coast breeze and the beauty of sunshine and palm trees. She could hardly wait to go back, but the longer she stayed in Tulsa, the more persuaded she became that the city had a lot to offer.

“I love the seasons, we don’t have those in LA,” she says. “The colors of spring flowers and fall leaves and even the whiteness of winter are inspiring.”

There was one thing Tulsa was severely lacking, however.
“I was out shopping and couldn’t find anything I liked or anything that I would be happy wearing,” she says.

So with her direct connections to clothing manufacturers in New York and Los Angeles, Yoon decided to bring her kind of fashion to the Midwest.

“When I told my friends I was going to open a store here, they said ‘Susan, you’re crazy!’” she laughs. “But I wanted to have a store with the kind of clothing I was looking for.”

Yoon is true to her word. The blouse she wore during this interview, a flowing black tank with zebra print embellishment at the shoulders and waist, hangs on the rack in her store along with the long, slimming jeans she wore.

Every piece of clothing carried in her store is carefully hand picked. Yoon looks for the best fitting clothing she can find in colors that are classic, yet up-to-date. She buys from lines designed all over the world, including Italy and France. And while her attention to detail sounds expensive, her prices are surprisingly low for the quality of clothing she sells.

“I really want people to see what a good fabric or a well made piece of clothing can do for them. It might cost more than the mall, but the difference in quality is worth it.”

The slimming jeans designed to flatten the lower stomach cost just under $100 as do many of the designer tops Ishi Woman carries. The formal dresses in the store are a reasonable $135 to $560 and the one-of-a-kind necklaces Yoon designs herself start at around $40.

In addition to her store, Yoon also offers fashion consultations for women looking to update or completely revamp their wardrobes. She helps clients wade through their current wardrobe to discover what Yoon calls their “true style.”

“Most people just buy clothes they like but don’t realize why they like it. I love to help women see why they like the clothing, find that true style and make it more fashionable and appropriate for their work environment.”

After determining a style, Yoon helps the client work within their budget to find the best clothing for their money. Yoon will help with anything from a complete wardrobe overhaul to finding the most flattering dress for a special occasion and best of all, she makes the client feel like they’re shopping with a best friend.

Yoon says clothing a woman is where her passion lies in the industry, which is why she named her store Ishi Woman. Ishi is a Hebrew word meaning “master” or “god,” essentially giving her store the name “godly woman.”

“I love helping women see how beautiful they can be with the right clothes,” she says. “Everyone has an inner beauty, they just have to find it. Making a woman beautiful is my passion and what makes me happy.”

Ishi woman is located at 8130-F South Lewis Ave. For more information on Yoon, her designs or her store call (918) 299-0085 or visit

Updated 06-29-2007

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