It’s Time to Act on U.S. Energy Independence


On the front cover of the May 22, 2014, Wall Street Journal, the caption reads “Leaders of China and Russia Drink to Momentous Gas Deal” with a picture of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin toasting.

As I mentioned in a column a few weeks ago, Russia has an abundance of oil and natural gas reserves. China needs those reserves.

Russia is flexing its muscles. It appears that it is working towards world dominance in energy.

However, it should not be ignored as to where the final deal was signed. It was signed in Shanghai, China. Through this deal, China is sending a message to the West that it is the real power in its view.

Even with the sanctions in place from the U.S. against Russia, Russia continues to team up with China, marching onward with their plan(s).

In the meantime, what is our plan? More legislation, more regulation?
As I have stated, “future generations are depending on us to keep the American dream alive.”

“For too long we in America have been wasting time blaming the energy industry or the government for failure to adopt a national energy strategy when we should be responsible for creating the plan. As consumers of energy, we must drive the process, evaluating how we can best leverage our natural resources here at home to ensure long-term energy sustainability and security. “

“American citizens must take individual responsibility for the state of this great nation, striving to protect the land we call home. Our national security has long been one of the assets we cherish, and we cannot afford to continue relying on foreign nations to fulfill our energy needs or miss this opportunity to create a forward-thinking infrastructure that will support the American way of life.”

Therefore, the U.S. has the immediate challenge of striving for the creation of the People’s Energy Plan. The message is clear: America Needs America’s Energy! Together we can create the People’s Energy Plan!

Men and women serving in the U.S. military have greatly sacrificed over the years so that we could have energy to drive our cars, watch television, listen to the radio, and provide us energy security. Today, men and women serving our country are sacrificing for our energy needs, even though we have not had a strategic energy plan in place for sixty years.

It is extremely important that the U.S. be in a strong position of securing energy reserves within it own boundaries. The U.S. must build stronger relationships with its neighbors and its allies as well. We need an aggressive plan. Russia and China definitely have plans in action. The U.S. needs energy security. America Needs America’s Energy. It’s Time to Act!

Mark Stansberry is the author of the book, “America Needs America’s Energy: Creating Together the People’s Energy Plan.” Go to to join the effort. Facebook: America Needs America’s Energy with over 10,600 supporters plus and growing.

Updated 07-28-2014

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