JAN-PRO of Tulsa Offers Recession-Resistant Revenue

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WAX ON, WAX OFF: John Carlucci and his wife Catherine were the first to purchase a franchise from Bob DuPont with JAN-PRO of Tulsa. They currently service four accounts for JAN-PRO. Here Carlucci is using a floor machine to strip wax from a tile floor.

There’s one thing that stays pretty stable during an economic meltdown: the need for commercial cleaning services. Bob DuPont, president and CEO of JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Tulsa, says that people who are being affected by downsizing and uncertainty in today’s economy have an opportunity to take their careers into their own hands with a commercial cleaning business of their own.

“It isn’t necessarily viewed as the most glamorous profession, but it’s something every business needs,” says DuPont. Medical clinics, office buildings, and restaurants are just a few examples of businesses required to maintain specific cleaning standards that are best met with professional cleaning services, he says. In addition, JAN-PRO offers its clients a choice of environmentally safe “Green” cleaning products in a complete line of the highest quality commercial cleaning products available on the market today.

JAN-PRO of Tulsa is a locally owned company that opened its doors at 1516 S. Boston Ave. in June and has already established five franchisees and 25 cleaning accounts in the Tulsa area, says DuPont. Depending on how much time and money they want to invest, potential owners can start out small on a part-time basis, with as little as $950 down, and grow at their own pace to whatever size business they aspire.

“It truly is a recession-resistant type of business,” says DuPont. “Many sectors are adversely affected by the economy but there is always a need for commercial cleaning.”

JAN-PRO was established in 1991 in Providence, R.I. and began franchising in 1995. It has grown to more than 90 regional franchisors with over 7,000 franchisees nationwide. JAN-PRO provides its franchisees with an established nationally recognized brand, comprehensive training, cleaning accounts, billing, collections and customer service support, business insurance, and ongoing assistance with business development.

“If you’re willing to put forth the effort that it takes to build your own business, you can expect to be very successful with a JAN-PRO franchise,” says DuPont. “All our owners need to really focus on is managing and growing their business; we will help them with everything else.”

“Entrepreneur Magazine” has recognized JAN-PRO as the number one growth franchise in commercial cleaning for the last five years running and, in January 2008, as the fastest growing franchise overall. For more information about JAN-PRO, contact them directly at 599-8001.

Updated 11-25-2008

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