Jenks Athletics Names Leslie Schepers as Administrative Assistant


The Jenks athletic department has named Leslie Schepers to replace Teri Dimmick as the department’s administrative assistant. Schepers says, “I know that I have very big shoes to fill as Teri is very loved and admired by all. I am going to do my best to live up to her reputation and example here in the athletic department!”
Schepers has lived in Jenks her entire life Jenks and will be going into her 10th year as an employee for the district in August.
She says, “I started as an ECA at West-B, then became a paraprofessional at West-F. I joined the athletic department as a fitness attendant three years ago.”
Schepers is a Vision of Excellence winner and also received a Lifesaver award from the district and EMSA for performing CPR on a student whose heart stopped.
Her mother is Staci Schepers who taught at West Intermediate as a 6th grade teacher. Amy Schepers, who is married to her cousin, works at the Math and Science Center as an AP Bio teacher, and her brother is Chris Schepers who came up through the athletic department playing multiple sports from rugby to soccer.
She says, “Jenks is pretty much our life!”