Jenks Business Community has Positive Outlook

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FUTURE EXPANSION: Jenks Chamber of Commerce Affairs and Communications Coordinator Josh Driskell, President Annette Bowles and Director Tracie O’Banion pause on the footbridge to view the construction progress of Riverwalk.

DANIEL C. CAMERON for Jenks District Gazette

Jenks has become a growing community that still boasts small town charm. President of the Jenks Chamber of Commerce Annette Bowles has enjoyed living in Jenks and feels that the business outlook of the area is positive and will continue to improve with new developments.

Riverwalk Phase Two will be opening around the end of June. The addition will boast a number of new businesses and bring an increase in visitors to enjoy unique dining and shopping options.

The first phase of the Village on Main is Utica Park Clinic, which opened June 8. Bowles says,“The total project will create a village where individuals can live, work and enjoy spending time with one another.”

The downtown area has remained stable in economic terms over the last few years. “The area has so much charm, which developers really like to see. The historic area is the heart of Jenks and everything that is added spans outward.”

Exciting developments along the Highway 75 corridor are currently being planned. “The project was just revealed to the Jenks Chamber of Commerce and everyone is looking forward to seeing them come to structure. It is so new that I cannot share them just yet.”

The bridge that opens onto Main Street was once known as a demographic barrier to Jenks. “Over the years, the bridge has turned into a great advantage for the community. The parallel footbridge offers a scenic walk above the water. It seems that everyone is drawn to water including developers.”

Bowles continues to explain that similar yet larger cities follow a pattern of development that moves from the waters edge to the West. “Business development in Jenks has and will most likely continue to follow this pattern.”

Involved in the Jenks Chamber of Commerce for a total of five years, Bowles has noticed a trend in the business community over the last three. “Business development has moved towards dining, entertainment and specialty shops. We have branded ourselves as a destination for experience.”

Updated 07-15-2010

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