Jenks Schools to Elect Board

(JENKS, Okla.) The Jenks school district is required by law to begin electing by Board Member Election District once their average daily attendance reached 10,000. According to District officials, this number was reached in October of 2009.

Voters in the Jenks School District (-5) should be aware that as of the February 9, 2010, Annual School Election date, the Jenks School District will begin electing their school board members by election district.

Electing a school board member by election district allows only voters who are registered to vote at an address within the Office Number 5 board member area of the Jenks School District to vote for the Office Number 5 School Board position.

Therefore, only voters assigned to the following precincts will be voting for the Jenks School Board Members on February 9:

Jenks School District (-5), Election District No. 5
Precincts: 113, 116, 123, 124, 162, and 165, for all voters registered to vote at an address within the Jenks School District.

However, also voting on February 9, will be the City of Jenks and will include the following precincts:
City of Jenks
700, 701, 702, 703, 704, and 706, for all voters registered to vote at an address within the City of Jenks.

Questions regarding eligibility for participating in the Jenks School Board Election or City of Jenks Special Election may be referred to the Tulsa County Election Board at 596-5787.

Updated 01-28-2010

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