Jon Provost Visits Tulsa During the Collie Nationals

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GROWN UP: John Provost has had many rewarding experiences in his life including the opportunity to portray Timmy in the classic television series Lassie. Photographed above, Provost shares his new biography with a collie.

Jon Provost has been an inspiration to many through the years and continues to reach out to others today. Having been Timmy in the beloved television series Lassie, he spent most of his childhood alongside of a collie while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Recently, Provost attended the Collie Nationals in Tulsa, which is one of the most important events for the breed. “Many travel from all over the world to earn the honor of best in breed. The collies are beautiful and being surrounded by them brings back so many memories.”

At only seven years old, Provost was given the opportunity to take over the part of Timmy. “I had always loved to act and was actually in a movie in Japan when the wives of two producers met for lunch. They discussed the need for a young boy to take over for Tom Reddick on the show. They were having trouble finding someone matching the description when it was mentioned that I might be what they had been searching for.”

When Provost returned from Japan a couple of months later, the producer agreed with his wife and offered him the part. “There was only one test that I would have to pass. They needed to know how Lassie and I would react to one another. So, I was sent to live with the owner of the collie on their farm just outside of Los Angeles for a little while. We got along really well,” Provost says with a smile.

He explains that many of his most memorable moments were returning to the ranch for long weekends. “There were acres to explore and a pond where I loved to fish. I could really be a kid there and it was fun to spend that time with Lassie.”

Along with being on Lassie, Provost also was featured in a variety other shows and movies.

Provost compiled all of his experiences into an autobiography with the appropriate title of Timmy’s in the Well. He explains that the book is something that he always had hoped to write and with the support of his wife, his story was shared in bookstores throughout the nation in 2010.

With the hope of reaching out to those in need Provost enjoys being involved with Canine Companions for Independence, children’s hospitals and of course animal rescue organizations.

He has been honored with the Motion Picture Council’s Award for Outstanding Contribution as a Humanitarian, Allen Ludden Humanitarian Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and a Lifetime Career Achievement Award.
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Updated 08-02-2011

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