Justin Bieber to Perform at BOK Center

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Having become one of the most talented young singers in the world, Justin Bieber has captured the hearts of millions. With the announcement of a July 6 performance at the Center, Bieber Fever has spread throughout the Tulsa area.

Hayden Johnson, 13, first caught Bieber Fever last June and has become one of his biggest fans. “He is amazingly cute and I respect him for not becoming one of those kids who get so caught up with themselves. He is also a really good singer and I love his songs.”

Born in Stratford, Canada, Bieber first shared his talent during a singing competition where he placed second among hundreds of contestants.

Wishing that his entire family could see his performance, Bieber decided to place videos that showcased his talent on YouTube in 2007. With the help of his mother, Bieber began to create videos of himself singing the songs of some of his idols such as Stevie Wonder.

Not only was Bieber’s family enjoying his talent, but the world soon began to take notice as the number of views on the videos rose to the upwards of millions. In what seemed like a whirlwind, a talent manager asked Bieber and his family if they would like to meet with him in Atlanta to discuss a few opportunities.

While entering the studio there, Bieber could not believe his eyes when Usher crossed his path. With determination, Bieber asked the star if he could sing one of his songs to him. Not realizing the talent before him, Usher politely declined and hurried Bieber along his way to the meeting.

One week later, Usher discovered who the little boy was when the studio could not stop talking about him. Justin Timberlake had also taken notice of Bieber and for a short time, Usher and Timberlake did everything that they could to sign him to their record labels. After a difficult decision, Bieber decided to follow in Usher’s footsteps in October 2008.

In November 2009, Bieber released his debut album titled My World. His first single, One Time, quickly became one of the most popular songs in both Canada and the United States.

During a performance in Tulsa last year, Johnson explains, “My best friend and I were outside the room he was in. We started singing One Time and he opened the window shades and smiled and waved!”

In less than one year, My World 2.0 debuted at the top of the Canadian, Irish, Australian and New Zealand Albums Chart. His performance in Tulsa will bring together songs from both albums.

If Johnson had the opportunity to meet Bieber she says, “I have no idea what I would say and would probably be speechless.”

For more information, visit www.bokcenter.com.

Updated 07-02-2010

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