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FAMILY AFFAIR: Construction and planning is well underway for the opening of Kings Landing, 9900 Riverside Parkway, to be completed early this fall. A recent ribbon cutting ceremony for the development attracted many dignitaries, and among those in attendance were, from left, Terry King, Kalen Davis, Sharon King Davis holding Cooper Davis Chilcoat, Pat Avey King, and Kasey King. The king family members were present for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the project, Tulsa’s first commercial retail development along the Arkansas River.

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The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Kings Landing signifies Tulsa’s first commercial retail development along the Arkansas River.

It is a project that has energized sisters Sharon King Davis and Terry King. “We were looking for our next adventure when we discovered this piece of property along the river and got so excited,” says King Davis. “I remember when they dammed the river so the Riverside area would no longer flood when I was a child. My sister and I thought, ‘Wow, we’ll be eating dinner along the river when we’re in high school.’ But that never happened.”
Now, King Davis says with this latest commercial development she’s able to watch that dream become a reality. “This project is two-fold for me. Not only is this a great investment, it also fills the side of me committed to civic duty, to create something for the community.”

King Davis is passionate about the community and hopes her example inspires others to get involved in Tulsa’s development plans, especially where the Arkansas River is concerned. “Plans and stacks of plans sit at City Hall but nothing ever happens with them because citizens don’t realize they can stand up and demand the development they want. The people need to get involved with what could happen in their communities so their visions of how their community should be will come true.”

For King Davis, part of that vision will come to fruition when Kings Landing begins opening store doors in September. She explains, “The businesses around Kings Landing focus on Riverside Parkway. Their trash cans face the river and the back of the stores are just utilitarian. When Terry and I started looking at the layout, it was just as important to utilize the river as well as Riverside Parkway. We’ll have outdoor dining, you can enjoy the sunset, and it’s easily accessible. In fact we like to say, ‘Kings Landing: where the fun never sets.’”

The two sisters created the name for their shopping center through the city’s Vision 2025. “In Vision 2025, the plans call for a low-water dam which will water taxis on the river. Our area will be one of the stops, so the name ‘Kings Landing’ fits perfectly,” King Davis explains. A few of the stores moving into the building include Nordaggio’s Coffee, Michael’s on the River, Push Pedal Pull and Interior’s Market.

Working on this and other development projects has been an easy fit for King Davis and her sister. “When we were very small, our dad would say ‘Let’s go check the jobsites, girls.’ We’ve always been around and included on construction sites and development plans. And our mother was a premium shopper! So this is easy for us,” King Davis says. She continues to carry on her father’s tradition by pulling her three daughters more and more into the business of development and the construction process. She hopes they continue to follow in the family footsteps of civic duty, developmental vision and community impact.

“My grandfather owned Tulsa’s only coliseum for years along with several other investments. But he believed in throwing a huge Christmas party every year. Back before it was popular to do so, he was adamant on including every child of every color, creed, background, size, and religion. I’ve had people tell me that without his Christmas party, they wouldn’t have had any presents at Christmastime. I think he did, I want to, and I want my family to continue that tradition of leaving this place better than we found it,” King Davis says.

Storefronts begin opening at Kings Landing, 9900 Riverside Parkway, in September.

Updated 06-27-2006

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