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RIDING LESSON: Mikayla and her pony named Snoopy work on a variety of skills during an afternoon lesson.


Equestrian, located in the heart of south Tulsa, offers lessons, training, summer camps and showing for aspiring equestrians. Kevin McCorkle, owner and manager of Equestrian, has enjoyed watching students grow and form wonderful childhood memories.

McCorkle became interested in riding horses while growing up with his grandfather who owned horses and the property where Equestrian is located. “I grew up in the industry. When I was 16 years old, my grandfather had a stroke and I took over the business in 1969.”

In the 1970’s English riding began to become very popular in the area. “A lot of people would come out to take Western riding lessons and would see English discipline riders. Many of those students decided to take English lessons instead. Equestrian evolved more into an English riding school.”

The location of Equestrian is ideal. “We are in the heart of south Tulsa right now and are totally surrounded by neighborhoods. We are very fortunate that just the people who live in the very small radius around us keep us very busy,” adds McCorkle.

The setting of Equestrian is beautiful and tranquil. McCorkle describes the property as, “Heavily wooded with a country atmosphere.”

The property has dramatically changed in size since 1969. “The property itself is a lot smaller than it used to be. We used to have a lot of property and then over the years we developed part of it and the Creek Turnpike actually went through the central part of our property,” says McCorkle.

Horses of all shapes and sizes can be found throughout the property. McCorkle looks, “For safe horses with good dispositions. We have Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Warm-Bloods, Imported horses and many other breeds.”

The facility has changed in a number of ways through the years. McCorkle explains that, “KJM Equestrian originally had one barn and we have expanded with another. There was originally only one arena and there are currently three. We also recently expanded our riding school program with 5 full time instructors.”

Equestrian is a very unique stable because a lot of emphasis is placed on family. McCorkle explains that families enjoy spending time with the trainers while their children prepare for riding lessons. Families also are encouraged to come to horse shows with the students and trainers.

Equestrian students have the opportunity to compete in a variety of horse shows. “Our trainers encourage students to perform to the best of their ability. They always bring home more than our share of the ribbons. The primary consideration is and should always be safety and simply enjoying a wonderful sport.” McCorkle also explains that, “Students primarily participate in Oklahoma horse shows. Each year, we have a meeting with students and parents to determine what shows that everyone would like to participate in.”

Equestrian holds two shows a year in May and October for students. On average, 25 students compete and cheer one another on during competition and 75 to 85 competitors fill the property. “On Oct. 24, we are hosting a show here for the Hunter Jumper Exhibitors of Oklahoma. We have our special Halloween show on Oct. 31, which will have costume classes,” chuckles McCorkle.

McCorkle has made a lifetime of memories on the property and eagerly shares his stories with visitors. He explains that a lot of these memories are funny. “There is an item called a martingale that is used as a part of English tack. In our tack room, there is a peg for each horse with their name written above it. There is one peg where you are supposed to hang the martingales. One of the campers came in and asked which horse was martingale!”

It is a very rewarding job to become a part of an individual’s fond childhood memories, explains McCorkle. Equestrian has provided a safe and adventurous environment for generations of Tulsans. “I get to watch the students grow up. Former students bring their kids here for lessons because they enjoyed spending time here when they were young.”

The trainers are some of the best in the state and have earned prestigious ribbons in a variety of horse shows. Three of the trainers have grown up riding horses at Equestrian and enjoy watching their own students grow to become successful equestrians.

For more information about Equestrian, visit www.kjmequestrian.com or call (918) 299-9283.

Updated 11-17-2009

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