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AT THE HELM: Krystal Crockett stands in her office at the Bixby Chamber of Commerce. Crockett is still relatively new to her role as chamber president. She received the position in 2011.

EMILY RAMSEY for GTR Newspapers

Tulsa-native Krystal Crockett took the reins of the Bixby Chamber of Commerce when she was named president in 2011.

Crockett’s chamber involvement began two years earlier when she applied as part-time office manager. Up to that point, she had spent years in the restaurant business working in corporate offices and within individual stores.

Crockett was shocked to later receive the president position, but the fit has been just right for her.

“Growing up I wanted to be everything: a lawyer, a dance choreographer, a journalist, a history teacher,” Crockett says, “and this job really captures all of those. Chambers are special in that they are never the same from day to day.”

With its amount of business partners numbering almost 500, Crockett’s role changes daily to fit the needs of the clients. “We adapt as our businesses’ needs adapt, and we get to do everything,” she says.

The city’s growth is undeniable, and while Crockett resides in Broken Arrow with her husband and daughter, she is proud to work in Bixby.

Bixby holds the highest median home values in the region, Crockett says. When asked why that’s the case, she credits its quality schools, easy accessibility to Tulsa and a number of high end multi-million dollar homes found throughout the area.

Truly, the landscape of Bixby is changing. “There is nothing for us to do but grow,” she says. “South Tulsa and Bixby are almost impossible to distinguish now.”

Crockett looks forward to work every day for numerous reasons. Most importantly, though, is the people she gets to help.

“How many people can go home every night knowing they somehow impacted someone’s life for the better?” she says. “Whether through a connection we have helped make between two people or a group of companies, a piece of legislation that we have fought for that will help our businesses or community, or simply from being . . . the helpful voice on the phone when someone has a question.”

Crockett spends her time in a variety of activities. When she is not with her family, she may be volunteering at church, working with TYPROs Government Relations Crew, attending meetings of the Bixby Rotary Club or the Optimist Club, or reading. Her favorite books are “Lord of the Rings.”

But, if she still can’t be found, chances are she’s at the shooting range. Yes, the shooting range.

Although, Crockett is a city girl, she learned to shoot somewhat early in life.
“My cousin took me to the shooting range when I turned 16 and started to date,” she laughs. “He wanted me to know how to shoot.”

Crockett picked up the skill again last summer around the time that she and her husband bought matching handguns. Crockett has taken gun education classes in the past and is planning to enroll in a gun self-defense class in the future.

“I guess it’s my fishing,” she says. “It’s exhilarating. It’s a time that I can get away and put my focus solely on that.”

Updated 03-25-2013

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