Kudos of the Month: Miss Helen’s Private School

Courtesy Miss Helen’s Private School
LEARNING HABITS: Miss Helen’s Private School provides an ideal learning environment.

Miss Helen’s Private School has been providing excellence in early childhood education since 1954. It was then that “Miss Helen” Wingo realized many of the children entering Kindergarten had difficulty adjusting socially, emotionally as well as academically.
She believed there must be a better way for the young students of Tulsa to be prepared for their academic futures. She was right and Miss Helen’s Private School has grown to become a leading educational institution.
Executive Director Lynda Wingo believes in the philosophy of her mother-in-law; to provide a great learning institution where children can develop their reading, math, and social talents as well as improve communication skills and learning habits.
Today, Miss Helen’s heritage lives on in the school’s facility at 48th Street and Mingo Road. The school offers programs in three areas, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Grades 1 through 5.
Miss Helen’s Private School employs degreed professionals and encourages ongoing teacher training throughout the school year. Each pod is supported by a lead teacher with experience and expertise in their grade level. These highly trained individuals ensure the educational experience is consistent with state and national standards as well as assure the unique needs of each student are met.
The goal of Miss Helen’s is to provide an environment full of security and compassion where the teaching staff can facilitate the development of each student’s exceptional talents.