Kudos of the Month: ONG and PSO

The winter of 2021 will long be remembered for the hardships caused by record-setting deep freeze winter weather followed by warm feelings that come from knowing our public utilities were able to demonstrate a level of excellence in customer service that is, quite literally, the envy of their industries. 
During extended periods when many of our friends in neighboring states were stranded in homes lacking heat and electrical power, Oklahoma Natural Gas and Public Service Company of Oklahoma were pulling out all the stops to ensure those instances were held to an absolute minimum here. 
The fact their expenses were sky high simply had to take a backseat in terms of priorities. Their customers needed help and they were there to provide it.  
Now with seasonal temperatures returning, both organizations are underscoring their commitment to long-term corporate citizenship by voluntarily working with regulatory authorities on creative ways to recover dollars due to them over an extended period without blind-siding customers with astronomical bills. 
Thank you to ONG and PSO, corporate angels who were at their best when times were the worse.