Kudos of the Month: Parent Child Center of Tulsa

The Parent Child Center of Tulsa’s (PCCT) mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect through education, treatment and advocacy.
The agency offers services for vulnerable families in the Tulsa metro area. PCCT’s youth programs teach kids how to identify troubling behavior at home and how to reach out to a trusted adult when needed. Its youth programs also work within the community to prevent bullying.
Its registered nurses meet with caregivers of newborns in all six birthing hospitals in Tulsa to teach them about the Period of Purple Crying, the time in a baby’s life when they cry more than any other time, prevention of shaken baby syndrome, and encourage caregivers to talk, sing and read to their babies. 
In-home nurse visits are offered to provide post-partum support for mothers of newborns and connect them to additional resources. 
The agency also offers in-home parenting support by social work professionals to provide caregivers information and assistance to enhance the emotional, social, physical and language development of young children. 
Lastly, PCCT provides clinical services to vulnerable families to create healthy, nurturing relationships between parents and children and break the cycle of generational child abuse and neglect. Their clinicians specialize in infant mental health. PCCT is considered a leader among Tulsa area non-profits in the area of child abuse and neglect prevention.    
The PCCT’s Toyland Ball fundraiser, which will be held Jan. 18 at the Cox Business Center, is celebrating its 30th year.

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