HAPPY TIMES: Fresh and ready to lead as Tulsa’s mayor in 2002, Bill LaFortune organized the Mayor’s Vision Summit and a year later was victorious with Vision 2025.

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Bill LaFortune gave it his all the past four years as the mayor of his beloved city, Tulsa. A forward thinker who was concerned that his city was falling behind in many economic and quality of life areas, he embarked on a campaign to help bring passage of what was to become greater Tulsa’s Vision 2025.

Two similar economic development plans were defeated by the voters in 1997 and 2000, and LaFortune knew that if he was to be successful in implementing a progressive economic development program to keep his city competitive, he would need to bring different geographical, economic and political groups together. The result was the Mayor’s Vision Summit in 2002, which led to the victorious Vision 2025 vote a year later.

LaFortune worked with Tulsa County leaders, who had earlier sponsored Dialog 2025. The City and County governments came together to work towards a common goal—a united visionary planning opportunity for the Tulsa region.

Similar to Winston Churchill’s fate in England after his victorious leadership in World War II, LaFortune has been voted out of office. His legacy will be the Bank of Oklahoma Arena, much-needed educational buildings and many other improvements throughout the county.

We support Kathy Taylor, our new mayor, who shows great promise.

We also thank Bill LaFortune for his efforts to make our region a better place to call home.

Updated 04-26-2006

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