Grace Hospice is a community-oriented company providing end-of-life care focused on pain management and symptom control. This Tulsa-based company affirms life and regards dying as a normal process by striving to offer patients and family not only physical but emotional and spiritual support through the duration of care. These services are offered through experienced social workers, clergy and bereavement specialists. Grace Hospice’s compassionate support system ensures that patients and their families enjoy every day of life together.

While Grace Hospice employees primarily administer medical care, it is not out of character to see employees interacting as part of the family. From the moment a Grace Hospice employee steps into the home, he or she takes time to get to know the family. Spending time with the patient, whether it means long talks, reading books together or manicures can be some of the best medicine offered.

Grace Hospice prides itself on providing services at no expense to the family. The company covers any additional services not paid for by Medicare or insurance companies.

In addition to offering the best hospice services in Tulsa, Grace Hospice is also a major fundraising contributor to the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Association. The company says positive interactions with the local community have inspired them to give that same feeling back to the people seen every day through Grace Hospice. Annual local events include naming Ms. Senior Oklahoma at a yearly pageant for local women living in retirement homes and hosting the Golden Age Couple Celebration at the Tulsa State Fair. Other community events offered by Grace Hospice include guest speakers and seminars on a wide range of health topics.

For more information about Grace Hospice, visit us at www.gracehospice.com.

Updated 05-24-2007

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