KUDOS OF THE MONTH: Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Courtesy PSO from a recent thank you luncheon at Expo Square

It was not until this past December that many Tulsans discovered how much appreciation they have for Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s work. Since the Dec. 9 ice storms ravaged Green Country, PSO has worked tirelessly to repair damage from the worst ice storm in PSO’s and Oklahoma’s history.

In Tulsa alone, 226,000 customers (78 percent of Tulsa customers) were without service following the storms. State wide, those without power totaled 260,000, which is half of PSO’s Oklahoma customers.

PSO’s electrical system itself had 750 broken distribution poles and 147 downed transmission poles. Across the Tulsa area, thousands of power lines were down due to heavy ice weighing on the wires and fallen trees and branches.

However PSO rebounded quickly, with 4,600 restoration workers from across the United States working to help PSO crews. Within a week most of the Tulsa area saw power restored.

Updated 02-22-2008

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