Laizom Asian Market Offers Array of International Cuisine

By Sam Grosso
Contributing Writer

GTR Media Group photo
FRIENDLY WELCOME: Laizom Asian Market owner Thang Boihguite and his sister Cing welcome customers to their store at 121st Street and Elm in Jenks.

In a room filled with the aromas of baked bread and spicy curry, I met owner Thang and sister, Cing Boihguite. The interesting Laizom Market, located in South Tulsa County near Bixby at 12141 South Elm in Jenks, shares the beauty of Burma and the culture of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Like America’s Heartland, Burma is as unspoiled as sentimental poets claim. Though, in its cruelty, not beauty are many stories of those who have fled the regime. The brutal militia junta that governs Myanmar came to power in 1962 under the leadership of General Ne Win. Claiming to “soothe” ethnic tensions in the fractious nation, home to more than 100 ethnic groups, the regime began a campaign to eradicate all opposition. Spying, beatings, jailing, torture, and disappearances became routine. Immobilized and disconnected by-laws restricting travel and the prohibitive cost of automobiles and cellular service, many in Burma are held hostage, their shackles are the national borders that keep them in.

Thang’s mother, father, two sisters, and three brothers came to Tulsa eleven years ago in pursuit of the American Dream, escaping Myanmar formerly known as Burma. “Many people have left because of the conflict between the Myanmar army and ethnic armed groups.”

As I take in the aromas of sandalwood and roasted peanuts, it is the breath of a nation that fills the room.
Finding opportunities for prosperity and success, Thang and his family have retained their cultural identity while connecting us as a community. Cing “feels free here in Tulsa.”

She is twenty-eight years young and happily married to her husband, a Burmese refugee. They have two girls, ages seven and six who attend Jenks Elementary and a boy who is one year.

Many who call Tulsa home find comfort in cuisine that reminds them of their friends and family who could not make the journey.

Laizom Market makes certain their products are accessible, authentic and transparent. Recognizing the need for consumers to be informed, Cing provides flavor and sourcing information about their dishes, treats and teas which hail from Myanmar and neighboring countries India, Thailand, Laos and China.

The trend to seek new varieties and explore new flavors such as local favorite Sour Pickle Tea, Thai Tea, Sweet Corn, Banana Sauce and Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies are found exclusively at Laizom Market. Fresh Veggies arrive at the market on Mondays!

Come visit Laizom Market located at 12141 South Elm in Jenks and discover Asia.