Lake Hills Celebrates Earth Day

PRECIOUS PLANTER: Lake Hills Montessori student Molly Gililmartin carefully tends to her newly-planted flower. Students at the school were taught how to plant and take care of plants in their new butterfly garden.

Courtesy of Susan Paynes

The earthy odor of newly turned soil. The sight of colorful flowersand foliage. The smells and textures of mint, lavender and other herbs. The new children’s garden at Lake Hills Montessori school offers all of those experiences for students, ages 2-6. The garden was dedicated April 20 as part of the school’s Earth Day celebration.

To celebrate the creation of the garden, Dr. John Lamberton, an internationally known breeder of white pigeons, released a flock of his racing homers over the school.

“When I asked the children what kind of garden they wanted, they all said they wanted a butterfly garden,” says Sally Sue Tobias, lead guide and teacher in Lake Hills’ primary class II. “The earth is our home, and we’re learning how to care for it. The children are learning the entire process from preparation of the dirt, to starting seeds in pots, to weeding, watering and feeding the plants.”

The garden project was led by parent volunteer and botanist Jay B. Walker, Ph.D.

“We’ve designed the garden to require minimal labor, and to be child-friendly, as well,” says Walker. “The raised beds will allow the children easy access to the garden and will minimize weed growth.”

In the spirit of Earth Day, the Lake Hills Montessori garden is recycling a 55-gallon olive pickling container, adding a spigot and using it so that the children are able to easily water the garden, Walker said.

“The garden will be herbicide and pesticide free,” Walker says.

Updated 05-22-2007

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