Langston, Community Care, Clary Sage Partner

NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Dr. Kevin Kirk, Community Care College president, and Dr. JoAnn W. Haysbert, Langston University president, announced a partnership between their schools and Clary Sage College in late January. The partnering of these three schools will help students transfer credits to compete a bachelor’s degree at Langston.

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Langston University, Community Care College and Clary Sage College have partnered to create new opportunities for Community Care College and Clary Sage College graduates and for future generations of career college students wishing to further their educations.

This partnership is dynamic in that private career colleges and public universities have not traditionally formed agreements for the transfer of college credits. Graduates of Community Care College’s Associate of Applied Science programs and Clary Sage College’s Associate of Occupational Science program will now have the opportunity to transfer all credits earned to Langston University and complete their bachelor’s degree.

Community Care College and Clary Sage College are private career colleges based in Tulsa and offer diplomas and associate degree programs in medical, pharmacy, surgical, dental, business, fitness, health, veterinary, massage, spa and esthetics and cosmetology career fields. Most recently, Community Care College was approved to deliver courses online. Both institutions are served and led by President Dr. Kevin Kirk.

Together, Community Care College, Clary Sage College and Langston are pioneering new opportunities in higher education.
“I am especially excited about this affiliation,” says Dr. Kirk. “I’m thrilled that our students will have more options to continue their education if they desire to do so.” Presidents Dr. Kirk and Dr. JoAnn W. Haysbert of Langston met Jan. 28 to seal the affiliation in person.

Updated 02-18-2008

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