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ENJOYING LIFE: Outdoor living is enjoyable for many families who have lawns treated by LawnAmerica.

Most homeowners in the Tulsa area understand the importance and value of having a beautiful lawn and landscape. However, most also don’t have the time, nor the expertise, to do what’s necessary in order to have that green, weed-free lawn.

That’s where LawnAmerica, Tulsa’s most trusted lawncare company, can help. Owner Brad Johnson has been caring for lawns in Northeast Oklahoma for 28 years, so he knows what’s best in caring for lawns.

Johnson had a successful company in the 1980s and early 1990s, Green-up, before selling it to a national company. In 1999, after his 5-year non-compete was up, the passion for lawns returned, so LawnAmerica was started. With this being their 13th year in business, LawnAmerica serves more homeowners and businesses with their weed-control and fertilization needs than any other company in Oklahoma.

“A properly-timed, quality pre-emergent herbicide applied in early spring sets the stage for a healthy lawn every season,” says Johnson.

LawnAmerica applies just one pre-emergent in early spring, at the full rate of application, compared to many other companies which apply two treatments before crabgrass even germinates. “Our customers are getting a great value with our Step 1 Treatment, because we apply a full rate of pre-emergent which should provide up to eight months of good crabgrass control. So we are doing in one treatment what more and more companies it seems are doing in two treatments,” he says. LawnAmerica also includes broadleaf weed-control for any existing weeds present, and even some nitrogen fertilizer for fescue turf with their Step 1 Treatment.

As long as one good pre-emergent is applied before very late March or early April, summer weeds such as Crabgrass should be few and far between. The second lawn treatment from LawnAmerica, in April or early May, consists of a granular fertilizer, plus liquid treatment for weeds. With thick, healthy turf, along with the LawnAmerica pre-emergent applied, weeds should be few, so a spot-treatment with a backpack is usually all that’s needed.

LawnAmerica is a local company that is known for giving back to the community we all share. That’s part of what they do. For 2012, with every new customer subscribing to service, and for every new customer referral from their thousands of happy existing customers, LawnAmerica is donating $50 to your choice of five local charities. You can choose from: Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Young Life, John 3:16 Mission, or the Little Lighthouse.

Contact LawnAmerica at 918-249-5296 for a free quote and more information on their service. You can also request a quote from their website at

Updated 03-26-2012

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