Lee’s Bicycles Moving Downtown

Lee’s Bicycles, one of Oklahoma’s oldest bicycle companies, is coming full circle.
Established in 1914, Lee’s sold and serviced bicycles at 2nd and Boulder until the mid-1950s. Several locations in Brookside have been home to Lee’s since leaving the downtown area. Now, in an exciting move, Adam Vanderburg, Lee’s present owner, is relocating the business to 2nd and Frankfurt.

Lee’s new shop will be located in a renovated building at 412 East 2nd St. According to Vanderburg: “The new store will be super convenient, very well designed and in a vibrant space in Tulsa’s new downtown, not far from the arena, the new ballpark and the red-hot energy that is the Blue Dome entertainment district. Weather permitting, we will kick start our new 2nd and Frankfurt location on X- with a bicycle parade from Brookside to Lee’s new downtown shop.”

Located with lots of convenient parking, possessing an excellent inventory of bikes and accessories and sporting a state of the art bike repair operation, Lee’s superior staff will continue its service to Tulsa customers.

The new 14,000-foot facility will continue stocking an outstanding assortment of bikes.

Vanderburg says that Lee’s will continue to operate the Trek Bicycling Store at 97th Street and Riverside Drive. Vanderburg’s Trek store is the 26th national “flagship” shop affiliated with the Trek organization. And there’s one more thing, according to Vanderburg, the new Lee’s store will be located with a group of other wellness-orientedbusinesses that will share the site. These “micro shops” will cater to runners, walkers, and others, maybe featuring a crew of personal trainers. Amy Campbell, associate and consultant, says: “The whole project, Lee’s, plus the onsite wellness shops, will be a unique, one stop exercise, outfitting, and fitness hub of a sort new to the Tulsa scene.”

For more Information, contact Adam Vanderburg at (918) 810-5072 or email: adam@leesbikes.com.

Updated 01-25-2010

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