Lee’s Bikes Opens Downtown

BLUE DOME CELEBRATION: Attending the grand opening of Lee’s Bicycles in downtown Tulsa are, from left, Eric Gomez, Adam Vanderburg, Amy Campbell, Steve Alter, Michael Sager and Katie Fox.

Lee’s Bicycles, greater Tulsa’s most prominent name in bicycling, has opened a new store at 420 E. 2nd St. in downtown Tulsa in the Blue Dome District. The store has a massive showroom and is fully stocked with 2010 Trek, Gary Fisher, Hoffman, Redline and Electra bikes, clothing and accessories.

Owner Adam Vanderburg moved the store from the long-time Brookside location. He also owns the Trek Bicycle Store in south Tulsa at 9708 S. Riverside Parkway.
Lee’s is at home in downtown, as the company’s first store was founded in 1917 and located at Second Street and Boulder Avenue. The retailer left downtown in the 1950s and moved to the Brookside location.

Bicycling is a great summer activity for all ages, giving people miles of smiles. It’s this fun factor that keeps most cyclists hooked on riding. It gets people out and about to see things and enjoy the outdoors while exercising. Riders get to coast down hills, explore new areas, sneak up on wildlife and get swept along by tailwinds. Riders can set goals: making it to the top of a tough hill or riding to nearby towns.

Cycling is excellent for burning calories and losing weight, too. For example, a 160-pound person burns about 870 calories pedaling 17 miles in an hour. That’s pretty close to what the same person would burn running, and a lot more than the amount burned playing golf. If you maintain a regular ride schedule, avoid overeating and fatty foods, there’s an excellent chance that biking will strip away excess weight.
Visit Lee’s Bicycles to learn more!

Updated 05-10-2010

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