Lessons in Dance are Important for Children

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COOPERATION IN PARTNERSHIP: Dancing offers lessons that will last a lifetime. Children involved in dance classes learn the importance of partnership, cooperation, exercise and communication.

With lessons that reach far beyond a studio, dancing has become one of the most important activities for children to learn at an early age. Dance studios throughout the Tulsa area encourage parents to have their children involved in classes.

An early introduction to dance has the potential to bring an endless amount of benefits to children, which will continue to be carried with them into their adult lives.

One of the most basic compositions of dance is communication. Children in dance class have the unique opportunity to learn how to interact with one another in a noncompetitive way. When dancing as a group, it is imperative to effectively communicate with one another to master a routine.

Also emphasized in dance is exercise. Children who have been involved in the activity constantly utilize muscles and build endurance.

In addition, Jimmy Lee of Always Dancing believes that dance has the capability to show children the importance of partnership. “Compromise and balance are essential to creating a good partnership in dance. I think that children will hold on to these concepts and carry them always. Not only do children learn about partnerships, but also about politeness and etiquette.”

Every year, Lee has the opportunity to provide lasting lessons that reach well beyond the basic concepts of dance. Always Dancing has worked alongside of a number of area schools to introduce students to dance. With teaching students how to dance, they are much more confident during school formals. Lee mentions that many of the boys become much more outgoing after their lessons and are more apt to ask a girl to dance with them during these events.

Micki Pillow of Miss Micki’s School of Dance also feels that children should learn dance for many reasons. “Dancing is very challenging and fun to learn. One way for students to showcase what they have learned is by having shows for family and friends. The dancers are given a chance to learn not only the routines but to also understand the importance of preparation and dedication.”

She continues, “Dance is something that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. No matter how many years go by, it is easy to remember how to dance.”

Another well-respected dance instructor, Kurt Claxton of Tulsa Cotillion teaches area middle school students dance and manners classes centered around ballroom dancing. Due to ballroom dancing typically being a boy/girl partnership, the classes are often the first time that the young boys and girls are in such close proximity. The dancing reinforces partnering and social skills as well as building confidence in boy/girl interaction. Centered around dancing, the classes also teach social etiquette that will give the kids skills needed later in life for college, jobs and relationships. He states “The basic fundamentals of dance, like the ageless fox trot, are incorporated into today’s youth of music so it is fun to learn”.

In addition to Always Dancing, Miss Micki’s School of Dance, The Colling Dance School and Tulsa Cotillion are other great studios in the area.
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Updated 09-16-2010

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