When the homeless stole hundreds of parking meters, I and hundreds of other folks pleaded for the City of Tulsa not to replace the parking meters and to simply institute a two-hour free parking limit on the downtown streets. Our pleas went unanswered and the city spent hundreds of thousands to replace the missing meters.

It was and is my position that one of the major reasons that downtown Tulsa does not work is the disassociation of the buildings from the parking. Downtown Tulsa is the only shopping area in the city where customers have to pay to park their cars to do business. Utica Square, Promenade, Woodland Hills, etc. including strip malls provide free parking to shoppers but not downtown Tulsa. The number one complaint that everyone has about downtown Tulsa is the parking.

So, what has the city decided to do now? They are going to charge to park and enforce the two-hour limit to also. By charging to park and enforcing the two-hour limit, the city is shooting downtown Tulsa in both feet. Get rid of the meters or forget about the two-hour limit.

It is a wonder that downtown Tulsa has any businesses in it at all considering how Downtown Tulsa Unlimited and the city are conspiring to kill it.

Kent Morlan

Updated 03-20-2006

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