Like a Good Neighbor, Jim Campos Serves Greater Tulsa

By Kylie Hammack
Contributing Writer

BUILDING A REPUTATION: Jim Campos, left, has built a reputation in the community he serves and hopes to be an accessible resource for clients looking to match a face to their policy. His office staff includes, from left, Mariela Onofre, Ester Velazquez, Cindy Antuna and Deuel Romero.

State Farm Insurance agent Jim Campos did not get a typical start in the insurance industry. For the 17 years before he became an insurance agent, he helped operate power plants that turned garbage into electricity. Unfortunately, economic hardships lead to his position being cut and left him without a job. As a board member of the Hispanic Chamber, Campos heard of the need for State Farm Insurance agents serving the Hispanic Tulsa community and decided to take on a new venture. That decision paid off because Campos now has a thriving office in Tulsa serving various communities throughout Greater Tulsa.
One of the reasons Campos has been successful in his newfound career as an insurance agent is his ability to appeal to diverse demographics. As someone who speaks both Spanish and English, Campos has been able to connect with the Hispanic community on a much deeper level than most competitors. One aspect of his business that Campos highlights is the ability to talk face-to-face with his clients. He says that when it comes to investing in an important insurance policy “people like to talk to a live person.”
This business model is especially unique in an age where insurance is increasingly available online in many forms and various levels of credibility. According to Campos, a practice that has becoming especially popular with online insurance options is price shopping. Most who scour the internet for the best priced insurance policy do not stay with that policy for more than six months. However, Campos says he is able to offer his customers the best of both worlds. In his brick-and-mortar office located in the heart of the surrounding Hispanic community, Campos allows his clients to develop meaningful relationships with him. On the other hand, Campos has made sure to offer potential clients an online option and works to keep up in a bustling online insurance market.
Surprisingly, Campos has grown his business despite the pandemic. Although early restrictions required him to scale back his in-person meetings with clients, Campos believes business has grown because people realized the value of his product during the hardships caused by the pandemic. Additionally, State Farm Insurance issued two billion dollars in refunds due to a lack of driving during the heart of lockdowns which helped Campos to build trust with his customers during a hard time. With the help of six other team members, Campos has successfully built a trustworthy reputation in a community striving for improvement. Even though he no longer works to operate a power plant, Campos has found an electric approach to the insurance agency that prioritizes old school values to ensure new school success.