Lime Scooters Begin Appearing in Downtown Jenks

The city of Jenks is seeing some new modes of transportation popping up around town.  
Lime Scooters began placing scooters in downtown Jenks and other prime locations recently.  
In May, the Jenks City Council approved Lime to launch a pilot program in Jenks; a two-year trial to assess the tbenefits the scooters may bring to the area.  This is the first Tulsa suburb to have Lime in their city as an alternate mode of transportation for their residents and visitors.
A primary focus of the City of Jenks is quality of life for its residents and believe the e-scooters will enhance the experience of accessing different areas of the city.  Access to Tulsa from Jenks, and vice versa, is seamless for riders now that they can cross the pedestrian bridge knowing their scooter can go beyond the limits of Tulsa into Jenks.
Jenks Mayor Robert Lee said, “E-Scooters are a natural addition to our city.  We expect the program to promote walkability, support our local businesses and create new ways to explore Jenks.”  
Members of the Jenks Police Department have even joined the scooter craze and tried them out recently at the Jenks Commons parking lot!  They want to encourage all people riding these scooters to wear helmets and use caution when using any motorized form of scooter or bike.
For more information about Lime Scooters and how the program works, see