Little Creek Hardwoods Begins With Promise

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UNIQUE CRAFTS: Kevin Ishmael and his son Austin pause beside some of the crafts at Little Creek Hardwoods, located at 6540 E. 41st St.


Little Creek Hardwoods opened in the middle of November. Kevin Ishmael and his family are excited about the possibilities of reaching out to the community through their business.

Ishmael is certainly not a stranger to the wood working community. Previously involved with the Frank Paxton Lumber Company and a Mustang High School industrial arts and wood working teacher, he has a passion for the subject.

Little Creek Hardwoods is a place where Oklahoma craftsmen can buy hardwoods for their hobbies. The business also provides a place that the crafts can be displayed and sold. “The consignment side of the store features Oklahoma products made from native woods.” Little Creek Hardwoods invites all woodworkers to bring their projects in for display and sale and hopes to promote a wide variety of Oklahoma artisans.

Visitors have the opportunity to linger through the store and admire one of a kind, handmade wood carvings that include old model logging trucks, ducks, jewelry boxes and much more. Unique furniture will soon fill the store that would fit a variety of rustic and temporary décor.

A number of wood working classes are offered at Little Creek Hardwoods for those who would like to learn a new hobby. “We have a brand new state of the art wood shop and in the beginning class, we will teach you how to work with a table saw, band saw, joiners, planers and a variety of hand tools.” The intermediate and advanced classes will then bring students more in depth knowledge of woodworking and joinery techniques.

The Green Country Wood Working Club meets at Little Creek Hardwoods. “We are currently building toys for several charities. We want to give kids presents for the holidays that they might not otherwise receive.”

Ishmael, members of the Wood Working Club and volunteers are currently carving a very large rocking horse that will also benefit the community during the holidays. For $10 a ticket, participants will have the chance to win the beautiful piece of art.

After the initial cost is met, the proceeds will be donated to families in need. “The horse will be a very nice heirloom piece to keep in the family for generations.” The rocking horse typically retails between $3,000 and $3,500.

A few of the domestic hardwoods available include: red oak, white oak, walnut, cherry and ash. Also available are rare exotic woods that include a red colored wood from Africa called Padauk and a purple wood called Purple Heart from French Guiana.

With a special project in mind, visitors will receive a wealth of advice and even will be put into contact with woodworkers in the area who can help them. “On some occasions, we will actually build the project together in the shop.”

Since opening one month ago, Ishmael has already found the business to be very rewarding. “The Frank Paxton Lumber Company was sold in the 1980s and eventually the company was moved to other states. To have customers that I met while working there, enter into my store is very rewarding. It is satisfying to find out that they missed the services and friendships that were formed many years ago and are excited to find a new company that will perpetuate their hobby.”

Little Creek Hardwoods is located in Tulsa at 6540 E, 41st St. For more information, call (918) 764-9663.

Updated 01-21-2010

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