Local Gymnasts Shine Nationally

STAR GYMNASTS: The first row, from left are Greg Baldridge, Sabrina Bogle, Jordan Webb, Cheyenne Kelley and Coach Mitchell Godi. The second row, from left are Bailey Bynum, Aubrey Rossencutter and Drew Hockaday

Courtesy Melissa Bogle, SouthCrest Hospital

Six Oklahoma gymnasts who train with T3, Tulsa’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team, have qualified for this year’s JumpStart National Team and will train at the USA Gymnastics (USAG) Training Camp in Huntsville, Ala. with elite and Olympic coaches. Local athletes on the national team include: Sabrina Bogle, Bailey Bynum, Drew Hockaday, Cheyenne Kelley, Aubrey Rosencutter and Jordan Webb.

Bogle, Hockaday, Kelley and Webb made both the trampoline and tumbling teams. Only 12 athletes in the country did so. This is the second year in a row Bogle, Bynum, Hockaday and Rosencutter have made the national team.

SSB Kids! is a multi sports center and home to T3. Owners Mitchell and Priscilla Godi, along with Greg Baldridge, Jump Start Coach, have trained the gymnasts since October for the national meet. “They are such dedicated, hard working athletes. They are very focused and I think it’s an honor that they are being recognized as some of the top trampolinists/tumblers for their age groups in the country,” says Coach Baldridge. “This program showcases the future gymnastic stars of in America. The kids you see today at National Camp will be fighting for spots on the Olympic teams of tomorrow.”

“At SSB Kids, character always comes before victory, but character will always lead to success,” says Mitchell Godi. “We train athletes to be strong in character, faith, physical strength and sportsmanship. You will see our athletes on many first place award podiums and also as leaders in their schools, churches and their communities.” For more about SSB, call 918-258-KIDS or visit www.ssbkids.com.

Updated 02-23-2009

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