Lone Wolf Keeps Up with Demand in Downtown Tulsa

Local Dining By BLAKE AUSTYN
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SECOND LOCATION: Lone Wolf Banh Mi, which began as a food truck frequenting local festivals, has since grown to two brick-and-mortar restaurants. Its first location opened at 3136 E. 11th St. in 2016. Its most recent restaurant opened last year in downtown Tulsa in the Tulsa Arts District.

BLAKE AUSTYN for GTR Newspapers

Like most Tulsans, I have memories of standing in what felt like mile-long lines at the Lone Wolf Banh Mi food truck years before founders Phillip and Danielle Phillips appeared on ’s Restaurant Startup and before their brick-and-mortar restaurants joined the Tulsa restaurant scene.

Yes, the Phillips have been making a name for themselves in the local food scene with their Vietnamese fusion creations for many years.

The first Lone Wolf location opened in 2016 at 3136 E. 11th St.

Fortunately, for all of the long-time Lone Wolf fans, the latest restaurant location, which opened in 2017 in downtown Tulsa at 203 E. Archer St., continues to hold to the same level of quality and uniqueness.

The restaurant sits in the Archer Building on the corner of Cincinnati Avenue and Archer Street. The restaurant follows the quick service concept, with patrons ordering at the counter and retrieving their own drinks, a concept that is spreading through Tulsa, with a number of -concept restaurants opening throughout Greater Tulsa recently.

The menu, which is posted on a wall next to the order counter, consists of banh mi sandwiches, fried rice bowls and kimchi fries.

There are also a few beer and dessert offerings.

I chose the Ginger Fritter Banh Mi and the popular Kimchi Fries. My friend ordered the Pesto Fried Rice.

Banh Mi is the Vietnamese word for bread. Banh mi sandwiches traditionally come as baguettes.

The Ginger Fritter Banh Mi is a chickpea-based vegan option, filled with cucumber, jalapeño, pickled daikon, carrot slaw, cilantro and a choice of three aioli sauces—thai chili, cilantro pesto, roasted jalapeño.

I appreciated how the breading did not take over the flavor of the dish, and the ginger and freshness of the sandwich were still able to come through.

The Kimchi Fries stood up to their long-time popularity—a large bowl of fries with jack and cheddar cheese, onion, jalapeño, cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, cilantro and the choice of aioli sauce. This could definitely serve as a full meal.

I have not had kimchi fries before so I was not expecting the strong spiciness and the generous toppings of kimchi and cilantro. But the dish’s flavors came together so well that even when the spiciness became a bit much for me, I still wanted more.

My friend’s Pesto Fried Rice had me at its cilantro and freshness. Add to it the pickled daikon and carrots, which add crunchiness, and the bean sprouts, chicken and aioli sauce, and you have one addictive, delicious dish.

My friend did comment that over time, the dish lost its element of moistness, so she was forced to add some additional sauces.

The restaurant ambiance is basic but accommodating. I particularly enjoyed our seat along a bar that faced south and offered a nice view of downtown, perfect for people watching.

Lone Wolf’s downtown location is open Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday-Saturday 11 a.m.-11 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Visit lonewolftulsa.com for more information

Updated 04-19-2018

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